About us

Ambience is an interior design firm based in Marbella, Spain, with focus on residential and commercial design throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

The driving force behind Ambience is to uniquely create and transform environments for people to enjoy and live in, by fusing culture, drama and distinct designs that evoke personal taste, passion and timeless beauty.

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Andrea Böck  is a German-born interior designer and curator who founded Ambience in 2002. Her unequivocal taste for contemporary and luxurious interiors has launched Ambience the leading interior design firm on the Coast.

Andrea’s creative eye and attention to detail, and passion for both décor and refurbishment projects, are equally matched by the experience and know-how she’s acquired in the many years of dedication in the field, which have been keystone to Ambience’s international success and expansion.

Since 2005, Andrea has been commissioned to work on luxury projects in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, and St. Lucia, and has ongoing projects with renown architects and developers in both Spain and abroad.

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Ambience  Keys to Success :

HONESTY AND INTEGRITY –  Honesty and integrity are the heart and soul of Ambience’s  corporate culture. Our actions and methods are held to fulfill impeccable and high moral standards. We take full responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

COMMITMENT – The customer is at the core of our actions and activities, we proudly give our word and even more proudly keep it

SAFE GUARDING OF EMPLOYMENT – Skilled, flexible employees with initiative and innovation, underpin the future prosperity of our company. Together we create the brand.

QUALITY – Highest product quality and best customer service guarantee our continued success.

INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY – We strive to set trends and are at the forefront of domesticating materials, textures and patterns

GROWTH – Growth in our product portfolio, expansion in existing and new market areas all contribute to a bright future.



BAX 05 About usOver 10 years of experience and success in a competitive and innovation driven market have helped us grow and made us truly believe that designing a property is more than just filling a space with beautiful furniture and nice accessories.

In order to create the property that our clients dream of and desire it is crucial to commonly develop and explore the tastes, preferences and functional requirements. Intelligently using space, cleverly tackling challenging areas and implementing solutions with spotless quality and craftsmanship is the holistic approach we pursue.
Moreover, we solely network with highly skilled professionals and carefully select suppliers and subcontractors, providing a solid and trustworthy platform to work from.