Andrea Böck is a German-born interior designer and curator who founded Ambience in 2002.

Her unequivocal taste for contemporary and luxurious interiors has launched Ambience the leading interior design firm on the Coast.

Andrea’s creative eye and attention to detail, and passion for both décor and refurbishment projects, are equally matched by the experience and know-how she’s acquired in the many years of dedication in the field, which have been keystone to Ambience’s international success and expansion.

Since 2002, Andrea has been commissioned to work on luxury projects in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Switzerland, Morocco, Italy, Hong Kong and St. Lucia, and has ongoing projects with renown architects and developers in both Spain and abroad.

When Andrea is not thinking about the next Project or answering her emails, she enjoys traveling to far countries to find new inspirations and also antique items to bring back, Scuba diving, Horseback riding or hiking in the nature with her dogs.





Meet the Ambience team

Our international in-house team consists of not only creative, knowledgeable, motivated designers and architects, but also of a sizeable logistic and installation team with only one goal in mind- to meet strict deadlines, while taken care of the full project management during building phase right up to the last piece of furniture.

Our Awesome Team!

The Office Team


Operations Manager


Senior Interior Designer


Architect & Interior Designer


Senior Interior Designer


Operation Manager Assistant


Personal Assistant to Andrea Böck


Administrative Assistant








Architect & Interior Designer


Interior Architect


Interior Architect


Interior Designer


Interior Designer


Interior Designer


Interior Designer


Designers Support


Showroom Receptionist Sales

The Logistics Team


Admin & Orders Manager




Logistic Project Manager


Logistic Project Manager


Logistic Project Manager


Installation Manager


Installation Manager


Installation Manager








Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistant


Accounting Assistant




Stock Controller


Dedicated mother of 2 children and our hardworking manager of our 4 membered Admin department. She makes sure all is ordered in time so we get our furniture to complete our projects within our deadline. She also makes sure all invoices are correct and makes sure that the logistic department and stock department are on top of things.

Meet Juan, he is our installation manager and always goes out of his way to find solutions, investing himself and his know-how to each of our projects. He tackles challenges with a positive attitude and endeavours to deliver our projects harmoniously and on time. His commmitment to the company and our modus operandi is made relevant with the great feedback from our clients.

Ana Maria is head of our accounts department. She is a woman of detail and is a meticulous person who endeavours to make sure things are done correctly. She handles each spreadsheet with great care making sure to hold a great rapport with each of our clients and collaborators. She is kind and caring and makes a great addition to our team.

Meet one of our logistics team members, Antonio main focus is to make sure that the installation deadlines are met, he loves to get involved a 100% and making sure our clients are satisfied with the end result, making him a great team player.
He believes its never late to learn and loves to do the occasional course to improve his knowledge, he loves to travel with his family, and loves the occasional football match with old friends.

Ana Palao works together with Antonio. She is responsible for making sure each order is followed up until it’s arrival to our warehouse. She works closely with our warehouse team to ensure all has been checked and updated in our logs and files. She has vibrant blue eyes and a charming smile and is great to work with.

Oscar is a charming young man; he is inquisitive and loves to learn new tricks of the trade. He is part of our delivery team and strives to get things right with every job entrusted to him. He is easy to collaborate with and shows great care in all he does.

This father of two is part of our growing installation team. When it comes to work, he is very meticulous showing great attention to detail, he likes things done well and is never too shy to give his opinion. He is also well known for his patience and that’s makes him a great support when working on deadlines. Outside of work you can find him enjoying his passion for extreme sports whilst also spending quality time with his family.

Meet our very passionate quality control team member, Abimael is very meticulous when it comes to checking the goods that arrive to our warehouse, he has an eye for fault and is always the first to notice when something is not up to our standard. On his free time, he loves video editing his own adventures, whether they are about hiking, snowboarding or other outdoor activities he enjoys.

And now to our dear Lorena…. Lorena is a passionate and captivating person! When she speaks the room stops and listens… you can’t help but pay attention. She is expressive, warm and funny and can make the best out of a difficult situation with her eagle-eye vision and productive mindset. Lorena is Andrea Böck’s right hand and company coordinator between suppliers and designers to ensures that all is running smoothly and quoted for correctly… her days are filled with new tasks, evolving projects and agendas to organise. You will most likely find her trouble-shooting with a phone in one hand and her Argentinean Mate in the other…

She’s stylish, graceful and has a warm way about her. Her tasteful eye is seen through the designs she’s involved in. Leonie is all about balance and understated elegance. She has a flair for putting mood boards together, and enjoys the process of combining materials, finishes and colours. She pays close attention to detail and likes making sure things are done right. She loves making homes look cosy and inviting for our clients. Leonie is into health and fitness, likes fashion, cooking and travel but above all, she loves spending time with her family! Her professionalism and kindness is what makes Leonie a cherished individual on the team.

Don’t be fooled by her petit frame and calm demeanour, Gosia is sweet with a twist of Rock n Roll. She loves music festivals, travel, she is a mountain freak and loves trekking in nature… She is a tea connoisseur, likes cooking and enjoys a good book at the end of the day. As one of our interior designers she is focused, flexible, always willing to help her colleagues find solutions, and keeps her calm even in the eye of tough situations. She gets a kick from drawing on AutoCAD and does it brilliantly well. Her dedication and drive make her a work-horse to be reckoned with. Her pleasant way and honesty make her a lovely person to have on the team.

Our head 3d artist, Ivan thrives on making sure he delivers his projects in on time, he is known for always looking for new ideas and ways to make his renders look as close to realty as possible. His obsession for tidiness and perfection makes him a great member of the team.
He is a father of 2 who loves to spend time watching football with the family, when he is not traveling to discover new places.

When one sees Nuria on the job, you think uttmost focus and discipline… She sumerges herself in a bubble of drafts, measurements and plans… one would think almost to the point of all work and no play… however, when you ask her about what she loves, her eyes sparkle and her face lights up enough to brighten the room. She’s from San Sebastián and spent a few years as an architect in the UK. She enjoys food and culture and yes, Rock and Country music. She loves to spend time with family and friends. She’s got a unique professional style, that makes Nuria a respectable member of our team.

Arancha is another interior designer with a passion for Art. Having worked many years in a top company in the UK she recently returned to Spain. She loves to create and travel where here knowledge of culture is shown through her different styles. She loves to visit museums and indulging in a good piece of art. She loves spending time reading and has a soft spot for Arabic cuisine.

Always fashionable and looking perfect, Maria works hard and non stop to make sure that all the installations under her supervision go on perfectly. Not only is she known for her patience but also because she takes a lot of responsibility in what she does to make sure she does it to her best. Maria when not at work enjoys to play paddle tennis, as well as spending time with family and friends and of course I cannot forget she loves to go on long walks in the country side with her dog Bilbo.

This Rock n roll soul comes to assist our Operations Manager to keep our system updated for the daily controlling of all our projects timelines. Great at team working it makes her someone you can count on and also someone to share a good laugh with. Outside the office when she is not enjoying the beauty of her garden, you can find her singing to her favourite tunes or watching her football team matches.

Andres is the newest member in our installations team. Ready to learn everything he can from his colleagues he gives his best to make sure everything goes well. Professional and hard worker helps everything run smoothly during installations. When not at work he enjoys doing sports, travelling and spending time with his loved ones.

Our new guy, Sebastian will be designing beautiful projects for our clients. He considers himself a dreamer and a resilient man and is with both sides of his personality that he faces every new project enjoying hunting down new ideas and analysing the different approaches he can give to his design. With a taste for photography and poetry, this artist also enjoys a good meal with a nice wine in the company of his loved ones.

When not found walking in the mountains, foraging mushrooms to use in some delicious homemade dish for his family, Simon is in our Warehouse making sure all the furniture and accessories for our Clients arrive in the most perfect conditions. This hard working and methodical man keeps an eye on every detail of our stock and takes care of every little detail of every item before we deliver them to our client’s home, making sure we deliver nothing but perfection.

Barbara always sparks joy where she goes. With a big smile she is the one that will welcome you when visiting our Showroom. Always positive and willing to give a hand to any colleague in need, this traveller soul enjoys the dynamism of her role and learning new things to improve everyday at work. When she is not in our showroom you might find her with a back pack on her back heading to find new adventures, swimming or horse riding.

Always with a smile and very kind character Lucia makes sure Andrea Böck’s hectic and busy schedule runs smoothly. Her ability of always thinking forward makes her great at anticipating any possible upcoming situation. Super organized, self-demanding and proactive you would never believe this methodical girl was raised in a Hippie family! Outside the office Lucia loves to read, sing, listen to music and spend time with her family and dog.

Jose makes sure the stock is always tip top as well as keeping a control of all orders received. He is great at organizing and having everything updated, he is always willing to help out his colleagues making him a great part of our team. This musician when not at work loves to enjoy quality time with friends and family, you can find him with a guitar in his hand or writing down lyrics for his next song or poetry.

Let’s meet Camila, our youngest member of the team. Don't be fooled by her sweet eyes, when she is on a mission she doesn’t stop until the end as she is determined and eager to learn. She loves fashion and trends, and is in love with her dog Lolo. Camila is great at making sure we received all the pending invoices and is always up for a challenge when helping the orders and accounting department.

German is well known for understanding the project requirements and is great at developing high quality designs accordingly. He finds inspiration travelling around the world and learning new cultures. Aside from being spontaneous and extremely organized, this Spanish 3D young artist, loves to enjoy long walks on the beach with his wife and daughter as much as kicking the ball around from time to time with friends.

When you see Ana Cristina on the job you would think she is hyperactive and nervous but really, she is just a perfectionist and her detailed plans show it, she loves to be up to date with the new materials and trends and have a passion for interior design. This horse lover is original from Sevilla but after living a few years in London she decided to move back closer to family. When Ana Cristina is not in the office you can find her enjoying a nice meal with friends or going for a country ride to enjoy a bit of nature.

What can we say about this passionate team player, firstly Victoria joined us from Italy "the Hub of design" making her Italian touches are a must in the team, never less Spanish raised, her experience in both cultures is very noticeable in her designs, as well as working always from the heart. Her bubbly personality always brings a good vibe to the office, making a day in the office always a good one. On the weekends when not travelling to Granada to spend quality time with her loved ones, you can find her looking for new design inspiration and materials.

Genesis is one of our newest interior architects. Genesis is meticulous, and great at meeting deadlines, she submerges herself in a creative mind, measurements and plans, you will hardly notice she is in the room, but don’t let this Caribbean soul fool you. As from being originally from Republican Dominican she has that flair that brings a smile to everyone’s face. She is very good in creating 2D images to give our clients a full experience of the space beforehand. When not at work she loves to enjoy a good book and spend time with the family.

Cecilia is part of our support team. She thrives when it comes to positivity and her constant smile is noticed as soon as you walk through the door. Cecilia is known for her organization as well as always being a very strong design support for all the designer when the deadlines are close. This Argentinian beauty has a passion for food especially when it comes to Asian cuisine. When she is not in the office you can find her walking her lovely dog before preparing herself for a cheeky lunch.

Meet Amanda, Andrea´s personal assistant who ensures that everything goes smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Not only is Amanda quick at solving problems but her organizations skills are just admirable.  She breathes elegance and style and always looks tip top for the office. This former gymnast loves to exercise while also having a taste for music, “Her laughter is contagious” making her a great team member.

Meet Itziar from our architectural team. She is dedicated and serious when it comes to detail, and travels to another dimension when focused on her work. Itziar´ s curiousness gives her a taste to discover new places, making her a great travel companion as she also has a passion for good gastronomy, so you can be sure you will have a great dining experience.

This creative soul has significant international experience in residential interior design industry and she holds a First-Class Honours degree in architecture. Her experience, education, travels and passion for art and interior design shape and enliven a way of designing and understanding clients’ needs and vision. Outside of work you will find her oil painting, playing tennis, squash, learning surfing and kite-surfing and spending her evenings with her beloved poodle Mango.

Meet Polo, his love for architecture and design accompanied with his multicultural experience and knowledge brings passion, uniqueness and attention to detail to our projects. Polo describes himself as a constant learner not only about his field but also about tech and new trends. On his downtime he enjoys riding his bike, going to museums, restaurants, art and wine... such a sophisticated gentleman!

Our well-travelled interior designer who is always up for a challenge. She gets a little crazy at times when it comes to tidiness and her love for symmetry. This mother of two has worked in 4 different countries embracing the culture that comes to life through her designs. She loves letting her hair down on the weekends through her passion for motorbikes while having a sweet side for chocolate.

Meet Ana our NEW architect, this mother of one has a passion for the relationship between new architecture and the historical one. After working in various firms in Spain and London makes her experience a great asset to our team. Ana is meticulous when it comes to detail and loves getting thrown into the deep end, but don’t let her fool you on her free time she loves letting her hair down for a surf or a few beers with friends.