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Established in 2002, Ambience is an International Interior Design and Architecture firm based in Marbella which has an extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects worldwide.

From the initial design concept, to the placement of the last design detail, our in-house design team and project management services supervise all aspects of the project to transform our clients´ two dimensional dreams into a three dimensional reality.


Skilled, flexible employees with initiative and innovation, underpin the future prosperity of our company. Together we create the brand. We strive to set trends and are at the forefront of domesticating materials, textures and patterns.


Honesty and integrity are the heart and soul of Ambience´s corporate culture. Our actions and methods are held to fulfill impeccable and high moral standards. We take full responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

Open Positions:


We are looking for a very creative, motivated, focused and highly organised Architect to join our multilingual and dynamic team in one of Marbella´s top firms. The applicant needs to have considerable experience on building sides as a project manager and be excepcionally good in technical drawings. We offer a fantastic working atmosphere , amazing projects to work on and a good compensation.


We are looking for a creative, bilingual and productive interior designer. The right candidate needs to have extensive experience (minimum 5 years) in the industry and also be a competent project manager. This means strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task. We offer a fantastic working atmosphere, amazing projects to work on, a chance to grow with the company and a good compensation (fix plus commision).


We are looking for a very organized, bilingual and focused person to join our admin and logistic team. The candidate must be self-motivated and initiative. Preferable you will be coming from an accounting and administrative background but you should be used to work under pressure and towards deadlines. Logical forward thinking, the ability to multi task, organized and efficient with good communicative skills. Also, to be bilingual (English and Spanish) and proficiency in Microsoft Office Package, specifically excel.


Ambience Home Design is looking for a PA/Receptionist that will be dealing with daily correspondence, phone calls, managing diaries and organizing meetings and appointments, administration duties, providing support for the office needs. The right candidate needs to be organized, proactive and self-motivated, well dressed and have a good appearance. English and Spanish a must.

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Originally from Ukraine, she's highly dedicated and takes her work seriously, often wearing headphones and exuding an air of intense concentration. However, when interacting with others, she transforms into a warm and devoted mother and wife, taking great pride in caring for her family and crafting beautiful floral arrangements in her free time. Her unwavering commitment to her loved ones and hobbies inspires those around her and she brings her best self to everything she does, whether at work or at home.

Susana is a sweet young woman from Madrid who enjoys photography, reading, nature, and travel. Her favorite places include Santorini and Masai Mara in Kenya. She takes pride in creating unique experiences for users and enhancing their quality of life through creativity. Ambitious and restless, Susana is always improving her skills, expressing herself more through art than socially. Her best qualities are her ability to listen and help colleagues, perfectionism, and multidisciplinary interests.

Sonia is a dedicated soul in constant pursuit of perfection, who puts her heart into every job, no matter how small or big it may be, to achieve success. Having lived in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, London, and now Marbella, she is a cosmopolitan woman, enriched by her diverse professional experience. Music is one of Sonia's greatest passions, which she cherishes as much as reading historical novels and science books. For her, life's great joys lie in the small details: the warmth of the sun, the magic of cinema, the beauty of botany, and the best of company, most importantly her family

Sara is a person who exudes amiability and composure, showcasing her talent for multitasking. She is passionate about traveling and reading Spanish literature, which she pursues with great enthusiasm. Sara loves to explore new cultures and delves into history, always seeking to expand her knowledge. Connecting with others is something that holds great value to Sara. Her warm and friendly personality makes her a delight to be around, and her zest for life is truly inspiring. She strives to spread positivity and meaningfully impact the world around her..

Rubén is a member of our Installations team and has been with us for quite some time. Originally from Seville, he has been living in Malaga since 2005. One of the things that Ruben loves most about his work is that it's never monotonous. He enjoys taking on new challenges and always strives to do his best. Rubén is a responsible, reliable, and team-oriented person who helps boost team spirit. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family. He's a serious, straightforward person who doesn't enjoy traveling much, but he takes pride in being a perfectionist and considers it one of his top qualities.

Allow us to introduce Rocío, a Malaga native with stunning blue eyes, currently residing in Marbella. Her ten years in London have influenced her outlook on life and work. In her free time, Rocio enjoys reading nutrition and medical robotics books, drawing, and traveling to inspiring places such as Brazil, Prague, and Mexico. As an Interior Designer, Rocio brings creativity, honesty, and functionality to every project she takes on. Her outgoing and sociable personality makes her a pleasure to work with, and she's passionate about her profession.

Oana is part of the Accounts department. Originally from Romania, she began her adulthood in the UK and finally has chosen Spain to be her home away from home since 2017.
Integrity, meticulousness, and curiosity are her defining traits, with adaptability, resilience, and optimism being her top qualities. In her free time, Oana enjoys going to the beach, spending time with her son, and reading books on politics and self-development.
She loves exploring different places, from bustling cities like Barcelona to serene villages like Los Pueblos Blancos in Andalucia.

Maider, our San Sebastián team member, brings calm to our fast-paced environment. Her organizational skills and easygoing nature ensure smooth operations. Maider's love for photography and nature translates to a unique ability to capture beauty beyond the surface. She sees travel as an opportunity for in-depth exploration. Maider enjoys historical novels and psychological thrillers. Her family's well-being is her top priority. Working with Maider is a pleasure, and we're lucky to have her on our team.

Laura loves spending time with loved ones and losing herself in the pages of a good romance novel. As a team player, Laura is cheerful and enthusiastic, always willing to help out. She values positivity and teamwork, believing they're essential to achieving success. Her warm and friendly personality makes her a joy to work with, and she's eager to learn and grow. With Laura on board, we're confident that we'll be able to deliver even better projects and create a more enjoyable work environment for everyone.

Ismael is from Melilla and has lived in Marbella his whole life. He takes pride in his work, and every project he completes is a passion. Ismael enjoys the feeling of accomplishment that comes with seeing the end result of each project. He is also responsible for meticulously checking each piece of furniture in our warehouse to ensure they are ready for installation. Ismael is hardworking, proactive, and always striving for excellence, and for that, we are happy to have him on our team.

Meet David, a talented member of our Installations team from Malaga. David's empathy, kindness, and responsibility make him a meticulous and persevering perfectionist who always lends a helping hand. When not ensuring high-quality installations, he enjoys Malaga's vibrant nightlife and relaxing on the beach. Passionate about personal growth, David stays informed on industry developments through reading and learning opportunities. He plans to explore Paris, from the winding streets of Montmartre to the top of the Eiffel Tower. David's hard work, kindness, and passion make him a valuable member of our team.

Andres, our stock controller, originally from Valladolid, has lived in England and Scotland before finally settling down in Malaga in 2017. He takes pleasure in organizing and creating efficient systems. Patient, organized, and friendly, Andres believes that perseverance is one of his strongest traits. During his free time, he indulges in activities such as diving, reading historical novels, going on long nature walks, and playing pool. Andres is a travel enthusiast, with a soft spot for the Scottish Highlands, which he loves returning to.

Rafael exudes charm and charisma, easily connecting with everyone around him. When he's not working, he usually indulges his passion for electronic music by listening to the latest tracks or working on a new project. But above all, he loves spending quality time with his family, exploring the world of gastronomy together, and discovering new flavours and dishes. Whether it's experimenting with new recipes at home or trying out the latest restaurant hotspot, Rafael's adventurous spirit and outgoing personality make every meal a memorable experience.

Always fashionable and looking perfect, Maria works hard and non stop to make sure that all the installations under her supervision go on perfectly. Not only is she known for her patience but also because she takes a lot of responsibility in what she does to make sure she does it to her best. Maria when not at work enjoys to play paddle tennis, as well as spending time with family and friends and of course I cannot forget she loves to go on long walks in the country side with her dog Bilbo.

This Rock n roll soul comes to assist our Operations Manager to keep our system updated for the daily controlling of all our projects timelines. Great at team working it makes her someone you can count on and also someone to share a good laugh with. Outside the office when she is not enjoying the beauty of her garden, you can find her singing to her favourite tunes or watching her football team matches.

Andres is the newest member in our installations team. Ready to learn everything he can from his colleagues he gives his best to make sure everything goes well. Professional and hard worker helps everything run smoothly during installations. When not at work he enjoys doing sports, travelling and spending time with his loved ones.

Our new guy, Sebastian will be designing beautiful projects for our clients. He considers himself a dreamer and a resilient man and is with both sides of his personality that he faces every new project enjoying hunting down new ideas and analysing the different approaches he can give to his design. With a taste for photography and poetry, this artist also enjoys a good meal with a nice wine in the company of his loved ones.

When not found walking in the mountains, foraging mushrooms to use in some delicious homemade dish for his family, Simon is in our Warehouse making sure all the furniture and accessories for our Clients arrive in the most perfect conditions. This hard working and methodical man keeps an eye on every detail of our stock and takes care of every little detail of every item before we deliver them to our client’s home, making sure we deliver nothing but perfection.

Barbara always sparks joy where she goes. With a big smile she is the one that will welcome you when visiting our Showroom. Always positive and willing to give a hand to any colleague in need, this traveller soul enjoys the dynamism of her role and learning new things to improve everyday at work. When she is not in our showroom you might find her with a back pack on her back heading to find new adventures, swimming or horse riding.

Always with a smile and very kind character Lucia makes sure Andrea Böck’s hectic and busy schedule runs smoothly. Her ability of always thinking forward makes her great at anticipating any possible upcoming situation. Super organized, self-demanding and proactive you would never believe this methodical girl was raised in a Hippie family! Outside the office Lucia loves to read, sing, listen to music and spend time with her family and dog.

Jose makes sure the stock is always tip top as well as keeping a control of all orders received. He is great at organizing and having everything updated, he is always willing to help out his colleagues making him a great part of our team. This musician when not at work loves to enjoy quality time with friends and family, you can find him with a guitar in his hand or writing down lyrics for his next song or poetry.

Let’s meet Camila, our youngest member of the team. Don't be fooled by her sweet eyes, when she is on a mission she doesn’t stop until the end as she is determined and eager to learn. She loves fashion and trends, and is in love with her dog Lolo. Camila is great at making sure we received all the pending invoices and is always up for a challenge when helping the orders and accounting department.

German is well known for understanding the project requirements and is great at developing high quality designs accordingly. He finds inspiration travelling around the world and learning new cultures. Aside from being spontaneous and extremely organized, this Spanish 3D young artist, loves to enjoy long walks on the beach with his wife and daughter as much as kicking the ball around from time to time with friends.

When you see Ana Cristina on the job you would think she is hyperactive and nervous but really, she is just a perfectionist and her detailed plans show it, she loves to be up to date with the new materials and trends and have a passion for interior design. This horse lover is original from Sevilla but after living a few years in London she decided to move back closer to family. When Ana Cristina is not in the office you can find her enjoying a nice meal with friends or going for a country ride to enjoy a bit of nature.

Meet Ana our NEW architect, this mother of one has a passion for the relationship between new architecture and the historical one. After working in various firms in Spain and London makes her experience a great asset to our team. Ana is meticulous when it comes to detail and loves getting thrown into the deep end, but don’t let her fool you on her free time she loves letting her hair down for a surf or a few beers with friends.