The Bell Table by Sebastian Herkner (2012) turns our perceptual habits on their head, using the lightweight, fragile material of glass as base for a metal top that seems to float above it. Hand-blown in the traditional manner using a wooden mould, the transparent tinted glass base asserts a sculptural presence in space, contrasting intriguingly with the solid brass frame on top while also forming with it a harmonious unit recalling the elegant curving silhouette of a bell.
The Bell Table is a masterwork of traditional craftsmanship. Each table is handmade and has characteristic features such as irregularities in glass thickness, small bubbles or bumps in the glass.

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Additional Info:

Handcrafted side table. Hand-blown glass base in quartz grey. Metal top frame solid bronze, unvarnished, with crystal glass tabletop, black lacquered.

  • Dimensions:
    Ø50 x 53H cm.

* Showroom Item.

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