Created by acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola in 2016 for eccentric Italian manufacturer Moroso, the Belt Sofa is comfort and softness above all else. An open-source sofa, a design choice that favours the comfort of the seat, which seeks to look and feel softer and cosier than ever. The structure is encircled in knitted belts that interweave with the soft cushions, inducing a state of pure relaxation.

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Additional Info:

Designed with a unique leather belt which holds the cushions in place to the frame. Composed of polyurethane foam, polyester fiberfill and memory foam chips on an extruded aluminium frame. Feet are die-cast aluminium with a powder coat finish in RAL3009 Oxidored. Belts in leather B0198 Ginger Ciré. Upholstery in black & white fabric and with removable covers.

  • Dimensions:
    300 x 110 x 73H cm.
    Seat height: 42 cm

* Showroom Item.

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