The Bohemian 72 Collection (1972), all crafted from rattan, embodies Gabriella Crespi’s career-long aim to create furniture that seamlessly unites indoor and outdoor living. Her decision to use repeating layers of vertically coiled rattan vines, however, was unusual for the time, and results in a distinctive and highly luxurious take on lounge furniture that has proved truly timeless.

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Elegant, flexible and refined lounge chair all crafted from rattan. Upholstery fabric GUBI Dora Boucle 003, which intertwines wool and cotton to give a rich and indulgent fabric that is soft and bulky to the touch, and is designed to handle intensive daily use with ease.

  • Dimensions:
    Lounge Chair: 57 x 70 x 43H cm.
    Seating: 105 x 70 x 90H cm.

* Showroom Item.

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Meet Ana our NEW architect, this mother of one has a passion for the relationship between new architecture and the historical one. After working in various firms in Spain and London makes her experience a great asset to our team. Ana is meticulous when it comes to detail and loves getting thrown into the deep end, but don’t let her fool you on her free time she loves letting her hair down for a surf or a few beers with friends.