Legendary French designer Pierre Paulin originally designed the Pacha Lounge Chair in 1975. Paulin managed to give an authentic elegance to the rounded forms of the Pacha Lounge Chair by finding the perfect proportions, raising it lightly on its base and tracing in the foam and upholstery with stitching lines inclined inwards. The curvaceous, whimsical and organic shapes of the Pacha Chair are conceived to serve the body, providing both comfort and cosiness. Looking at contemporary today as when it was first designed, the Pacha Lounge Chair is an honest, functional piece that brings life and character to any interior setting.

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Thanks to its fabric and generous stuffing, sitting on the chair feels like a cloud. The backrest is broad and angled slightly backward, inviting sitters to recline, while the armrests are also foam-filled and soft to the touch. The chair is supported by a round base almost completely hidden under the seat, while the interior is constructed from stainless steel.

  • Dimensions:
    100 x 85 x 65H cm.

* Showroom Item.

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