Urban bookcase, designed by Iriam Bettera (2015), is an overall geometry where tactile contrasts stand out. It is the triumph of aesthetic quality and functional capacity, with a light wooden structure enriched by metal boxes exuding minimal flavour. Well-balanced proportions and clear lines are expressed through drop-front containers alternated with open-fronted shelves. An unequivocal project style exuding contemporary allure.

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Module wall-mounted bookcase system with long horizontal shelves, interrupted by metal boxes in different colours and composed of two side modules with flip-down doors and a central TV module with reflective glass sliding doors.
Structure: Cenere colour melamine and matt lacquered wood particle board in Grigio Pietra colour.
Metal Boxes: with an epoxy enamel finish in Grigio Pietra, Talco and Fuoco colours.
Wooden fronts: in Elm Grey matt wood veneer.
Sliding doors: in Fumé reflective tempered glass colour.

  • Dimensions:
    600 x 40 x 185H cm.

* Showroom Item.

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